Progress 101 – #12 & #59

So, it’s begun.

I always joke that I find the Becca way of doing things – i.e doing something in the most difficult way possible. It’s almost like I like to challenge myself (or set myself up for failure.) The timing of me starting with my 101 in 1001 has coincided with Lent. So, I though what the heck,  let’s start as we mean to go on and give up something for Lent this year rather than waiting another twelve months to be able to tick something off my list.

So my first two projects to tackle from my list are:-

12. Give up chocolate for one month

59. Give up something for Lent and actually stick to it

I could cheat and give up something I rarely eat anyway but like or really cheat and give up something I don’t eat anyway. But as the whole purpose of this list is for ‘self betterment’ and I see it as a worthwhile challenge, I figured I’d make it difficult and give up something I actually eat all the time quite a bit. Chocolate.

Ah sweet, sweet food of the gods. EVERYONE gives up chocolate for Lent and rarely is it that anyone sticks at it, but as I also have the challenge of giving up chocolate for one month, I have two projects at stake.

It was easier as kids, you weren’t inundated with Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs until the week before Easter. Now we get these sweet ambrosial delights from Boxing Day (i’m not even exaggerating.)
A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.

Yesterday was my final meal. KitKat at lunch, Chocolate pancakes and a Wispa Gold after dinner. (Look at number 15 on my 101 list, is it any wonder I need to?)

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

Sweet, sweet Wispa Gold. How I rejoiced when you returned to us.

Bring it on you sugary bastards.

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2 Responses to Progress 101 – #12 & #59

  1. Sarah Hamer says:

    Becca, you are a brave woman indeed – be strong! Sarah xx

  2. Becca says:

    Sarah, you will be pleased to know that tomorrow marks one month of no chocolate :D

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