The Proclaimers once famously sang they would walk one thousand miles to fall down at your door. But who wants to walk 1000 miles just for the oft chance of impressing a lady when you could walk 117 (or you know drive, like any sane person would) for the elixir of eternal youth a milkshake?

Call us crazy if you will but that’s just what Mr. Becca and myself did one day when we were still living in London.  We like adventures; we’d had our first hit from ‘Tillos (we stumbled across this milk mecca the last time we were in Brizzle staying with relatives) and we were hungry for more so we rode the MegaBus for two and a half hours. For a milkshake. But that’s how good they are!

Rocotillos is an American diner at the top of Park Street in Bristol. Its cool blue mirrored interior is very diner-esque, you can sit on the stools watching the food being cooked and (pretend you’re meeting Bobby for a soda) or squeeze into one of the booths that they’ve managed to fill the rest of the rather small space with. This place is so cool that it’s even featured in an episode of Skins.

The menu is typical burgers, fries, hot dogs etc and of course the shakes. No one really goes just for the food, the burgers are huge and nicely cooked but…just ok, the fries are a little bit too thinly cut for my taste so you mostly get a mouthful of oil which is disappointing. I can’t comment on the rest of the menu but the Quesadillas did look really good when I saw another couple munching down on them. But the shakes… thick and bursting with flavour, you get the usual strawberry and chocolate etc but also the more exotic Chocolate/Hazelnut, the Honeycomb flavoured one and my all time favourite the Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (they also do Cookie Dough). They’re served straight from the blender in glasses with the rest of it waiting to be drunk from the huge metal jugs  and they might be expensive compared to a regular milkshake but you get alot of shake for your money. Pace yourselves though, after a burger, fries and two milkshakes you’ll be glad Park Street is on a hill as the only way to get home will be to roll.

Seriously, nothing compares to a Tilllo’s shake, a fact shared by our Bristol living friend Hayley who, without persuasion, met us there with James and Zoe when we came to her Housewarming (she lives right around the corner from the Being Human house – I was very excited by this) last month.

No one is going to know your name, but it sure is a nice place to get away to. Next time you’re near, pop in.

Rocotillos, 1 Queens Row, Clifton, Bristol (0117 929 7207)

Open Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Thu, 8am-8:30pm Fri-Sat, 10am-5pm Sun

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